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Taking time for yourself is essential but is becoming more and more complicated in our current world which is always faster and more “connected”. Our different physical and psychic energies are put to contribution at all times, whether at home and at work, which can eventually generate compensation, a decline in physical capacities and a deterioration in health.

I optimize your daily life for short, medium and long term results.



Recurrent lower back pain , MSD (Musculoskeletal Disorders) related to your work, tired of everyday pain ?

You have little time to devote and want to adopt new lifestyle habits, set up effective routines that fit perfectly into your daily life.

Tell us about the environment in which you operate in order to implement personalized strategies. (Depending on your needs, the opinion of a specialist in the Medical and / or Paramedical field could be necessary).

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condition physique se remettre en forme



Return to sport, improve your current health or change your routines and develop a lifestyle that will remain.

Depending on your goals, I will put in place a training program adapted to your lifestyle.

Whether you have access to a gym or want to carry out your sessions at home with little or no equipment : all elements will be taken into consideration so that your concentration is 100% focused on the movements to be made.



Are you ready to take up the challenge?

Running a marathon, trekking in South America, participating in an important competition,… while leading simultaneously: professional and family life? You must prepare yourself to make the most of this adventure , to make every moment of freedom an opportunity for quality training.

I bring you advice and strategies to maintain a balance between the different components of your current life and allow you to enjoy the most of the adventure !

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