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Nicolas is a Strength and Sports Conditioning Specialist with almost 20 years of experience from working with professional and Olympic athletes across a variety of different sports.

He has a double Master’s Degree in Professional Coaching from both Physical Training and Sports Management.

Nicolas has helped three different national teams, in alpine skiing, volleyball and sprint kayaking, to prepare for the Olympics, starting with the Beijing Games in 2008.

He has also worked with many academies, professional athletes in sports such as Rugby, Tennis, Golf, Formula One, Football, Basketball, ...


"STRENGTH and CONDITIONING TRAINING is also an excellent gateway to discovering yourself, developing your self-confidence and building yourself as a HUMAN BEING and / or ATHLETE".

His holistic approach and his daily work in many disciplines offer everyone an opportunity to go further. Having a 360 ° vision: this means putting in place scalable strategies with real changes that last, while taking into account all the dimensions that lead to a balanced life.

Guide and support our future champions and their parents in the development of their athletic potential, challenge their motor skills, prepare them specifically for a sport and all the events that an athlete can face (competition management, workload monitoring, training place of routines, ...)

Take a new course in your training and build your own performance model. Work in close collaboration with your staff and the people around you. Optimize your foundations, prepare for the sports season and strengthen your culture of winning.

Maintain a high level of performance at work while enjoying personal and / or family life. Put movement at the center of your life, integrate personalized routines, improve your concentration, your health and enjoy everyday life!

For all those looking for EFFICIENCY , to develop its ADAPTATION abilities and to improve its PERFORMANCES,

Nicolas will be delighted to accompany you in your quest!







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